On the Wings of an Eagle

I wish I could keep in mind that God can provide, God will provide, and God does provide.— Marie Gubbels

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

EagleRelying on God for the guidance to deal with our problems seems much too simple. We probably spent decades looking to a quick fix or some kind of relationship of any sort for the solution to the ache that never left. We didn’t know then that God was waiting in the wings for our prayers. Even knowing it, as we do now, hasn’t prevented us from looking for help elsewhere, time and again. It has never been our nature to keep our lives simple. However, we are getting more practiced at the simpler life since becoming a part of this new growth in life.

We may need to choose, daily, to believe that God can, will, and does provide for our every need. Because most of us haven’t had a life-changing spiritual experience, we must decide every day to look to God. Fortunately, a moment of quiet and a tiny prayer is all that we need to do. God is never more than a thought away.

I will practice my reliance on God at every turn of events today. I believe I will receive guidance and knowledge concerning how to proceed next.


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