The Core Foundation of Trust

Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks. — Isaac Watts

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

We marry for better or for worse, we expect some ups and downs, but once we feel we’ve been betrayed, we are lost.

If we’ve been lied to so many times we can no longer think straight, if we’ve been fooled into thinking we are at fault for an impossible financial situation because we don’t work, don’t earn enough, or because we spend too much, or if we’ve been manipulated into believing that by co-signing a loan all our problems would disappear, we’ve been betrayed. The person we thought we were supposed to trust and to turn to for emotional support is not being trustworthy or supportive.

Getting through betrayal is a long process, one that both parties must be willing to commit to in the most profound way. If one party is unwilling to be consistently trustworthy and the other is unwilling to forgive, the cracked foundation only crumbles further.

Today I will understand that trust is a core component of any successful relationship, and I will know that I deserve a trustworthy partner.


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