The Power of Time

Procrastination is the thief of time.Edward Young

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

iggi-stealtimeWhen we have a problem with putting things off, we seem to add to our troubles by mentally flogging ourselves. We know we are losing time. We criticize ourselves for our irrational behavior. Whether we are putting off an important task in our lives or letting many little undone jobs accumulate, we could benefit from stopping the self criticism and asking ourselves for the spiritual message in our actions. Perhaps we need some quiet time to do absolutely nothing. Maybe our perfectionism is paralyzing us. Is an “all or nothing” attitude telling us if we can’t do the whole job right away, there is no point in beginning? Unexpressed anger may be blocking us from doing what we need to do.

Whenever we find ourselves doing things that seem irrational we can ask, “What is the message from my Higher Power in this behavior?” This question will carry us much further toward spiritual growth than the mental criticism we are tempted to do.

Today, I will do what I can within the limits of one day, and I will stay in communication with my Higher Power.


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On the Wings of an Eagle

I wish I could keep in mind that God can provide, God will provide, and God does provide.— Marie Gubbels

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

EagleRelying on God for the guidance to deal with our problems seems much too simple. We probably spent decades looking to a quick fix or some kind of relationship of any sort for the solution to the ache that never left. We didn’t know then that God was waiting in the wings for our prayers. Even knowing it, as we do now, hasn’t prevented us from looking for help elsewhere, time and again. It has never been our nature to keep our lives simple. However, we are getting more practiced at the simpler life since becoming a part of this new growth in life.

We may need to choose, daily, to believe that God can, will, and does provide for our every need. Because most of us haven’t had a life-changing spiritual experience, we must decide every day to look to God. Fortunately, a moment of quiet and a tiny prayer is all that we need to do. God is never more than a thought away.

I will practice my reliance on God at every turn of events today. I believe I will receive guidance and knowledge concerning how to proceed next.


For awesome Daily Inspirational Stories – Check out Growing Above

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3 Easy Steps in the Process of Recovery

Aloneness and Quality Time

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

rest_crop380wThere are many ways to be good to ourselves. Here are just a few:

  1. At the beginning of each day, we can think about what we’d like to accomplish. This can be a routine household chore, a professional objective, or a living principle we’d like to work on.
  2. As our day unfolds, we can engage in an enjoyable diversion or work on a pet project. Often, these activities clear our minds and free us to think more calmly about matters which trouble us.
  3. In the evening, we may want to review the day’s events, and our reactions to them, with a friend. Or, we may simply want to sit quietly and allow our thoughts to wander as they will. Keeping a journal at these times is a helpful tool for self-discovery. By recording our reactions and thoughts as they arise, we often get a better perspective on ourselves as well as our experiences.

TODAY I will be good to myself. I will find something I enjoy doing, and I will do it. I will also take time to get to know myself – either by sharing with a trusted friend or by writing my thoughts in a journal.


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Growing Ahead, Moving Forward

Life moves forward

moving_forwardBy: Hazelden Meditation Series

The past is past. Over. Finished. Our job is to move with the flow of the present. We are propelled by what went before, but we do not try to swim against the current of our present lives by regretting or yearning for old times.

Each day of growth releases us from the past and gives us a fresh start. We can put behind us the misery of compulsive behavior – we certainly don’t yearn to re-experience that! Though the good times of the past will stay in our memories, our minds need to be focused on the present.

Growth also readies us for the future: We don’t fear what lies ahead, since it is in the hands of our Higher Power. Our task is to earnestly seek to know and do our Higher Power’s will for us today so that we will keep moving with the stream of goodness that wends through our lives. Trust and confidence support us as we face forward.

Working on myself today keeps me steady in the present and ready for the future.

Our Perspective

duckrabbitLiving new lives

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

If we thank our Higher Power each day for what we may consider as problems in our lives, we will find that we can live and cope with them. And if it is our Higher Power’s will, our problems will be transformed in ways we cannot comprehend. We don’t fully understand our lives.

Sometimes we may see our problems as big issues, sometimes we think that we are the only ones who are going through this ordeal and no one else understands what it’s really like. Well, the message is that in fact we are too close to the picture and sometimes we need to stand back and get a better perspective of things. Sometimes we need to explore new possibilities and new experiences to gain these new perspectives. But in either case, we need to understand the whatever our Higher Power has in store for us is truly only for the very best.

If we become willing to let our Higher Power handle each situation in its way, we will see that we are living ourselves into new ways of being. We will experience a freedom and joy that we could not have understood in our old ways of thinking and being.

We cannot think ourselves into a better life; we must live each day into better thinking.

Am I living myself into a new life?

Higher Power, I am grateful for the problems in my life; they help me change myself into a new being.

Look Ahead – Not Behind

“If onlys” are lonely. –Morgan Jennings

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

The circumstances of our lives seldom live up to our expectations or desires. However, in each circumstance we are offered an opportunity for growth or change, a chance for greater understanding of life’s heights and pitfalls. Each time we choose to lament what isn’t, we close the door on the invitation to a better existence.

We simply don’t know just what’s best for us. Our vision is limited. Less so today than yesterday, but limited still. The experiences we are offered will fail to satisfy our expectations because we expect so much less than God has planned for us in the days ahead.

We get what we need in the way of relationships, adventures, joys and sorrows, today and every day. Celebrating what we get and knowing there is good in it eases whatever trial we are undergoing. We are cared for, right now. We need not lament what we think we need. We do have what we need. We will always get what we need, when we need it.

I will breathe deeply and relax. At this moment my every need is being attended to.

Simply Put – I Exist

What is obvious to me is that we did not create ourselves… life is something inside of you. You did not create it. Once you understand that, you are in a spiritual realm. —Virginia Satir

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

We do not belong to ourselves, but to the universe. No one planned to come into existence; we just happened to find ourselves here. We are the expressions of a life force whose beginnings are in the forgotten past. What does this mean on a practical level for how we will live today? For one thing, maybe we don’t need to take ourselves so seriously. And we certainly are not to judge our existence. We have a right to be here, just as everyone does.

We can live this day fully and not hold ourselves back. We may work hard, play, and enjoy it. We need not rein in or attempt to control this force which so far exceeds our individual powers. Rather, today we can learn to flow with the current.

Today, may I remember my Higher Power is within every cell of my being, whether I notice it or not.