The Polished Pain of the Present

The only way out is through. The only way to heal the pain is to embrace the pain.Fritz Perls

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

marquiseYou are like a diamond that is continually being polished and perfected. As this purification proceeds, old thought forms and negative patterns rise to the surface to be released. Past unfinished business must be completed. Old traumas that have been stored in the body ask to be discharged.

This is not a bad thing – far from it. The fact that painful events are being re-experienced is a sign that healing is taking place. Although you may feel tempted to run from these feelings, let yourself experience them. As you allow yourself to feel the pain, the pain diminishes and eventually disappears.

Spirit is always helping you to release that which you no longer need. Let go of the resistance and surrender to the process. Complete the past and move on. Once you have done the work, you will never have to repeat it. How good it feels to be free!


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The Gain of Painful Losses

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should you shield the valleys from the windstorms, you would never see the beauty of their canyons. —Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Time teaches us about the twofold connection of suffering and wisdom. For every loss, we’ve gained something new. We are learning that our pain makes us wise over time, but while we are in its midst we often feel alone and entrapped. We sometimes can make no sense out of our suffering – neither its depth nor its seeming unfairness – and we may even turn our backs on our Higher Power. We’ve only survived the darkness by stumbling through it each day. But in recovery we have gradually allowed ourselves to accept comfort from others, and their words help us in times of desolation.

We are learning that some pains can’t be healed, but instead must be endured until they run their course. Sometimes the only hope we have is the deep knowledge that our Higher Power will give us no more than we can handle today. With that help and comfort, we can endure and find peace.

Today let me trust that – even though it may feel painful – my recovery has begun.