Growing Ahead, Moving Forward

Life moves forward

moving_forwardBy: Hazelden Meditation Series

The past is past. Over. Finished. Our job is to move with the flow of the present. We are propelled by what went before, but we do not try to swim against the current of our present lives by regretting or yearning for old times.

Each day of growth releases us from the past and gives us a fresh start. We can put behind us the misery of compulsive behavior – we certainly don’t yearn to re-experience that! Though the good times of the past will stay in our memories, our minds need to be focused on the present.

Growth also readies us for the future: We don’t fear what lies ahead, since it is in the hands of our Higher Power. Our task is to earnestly seek to know and do our Higher Power’s will for us today so that we will keep moving with the stream of goodness that wends through our lives. Trust and confidence support us as we face forward.

Working on myself today keeps me steady in the present and ready for the future.


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