Letter to God 2

This is in response to the comments on this article

By: Anan Amos

Dear God

If you were human, I would say that you are absolutely insane for even considering to send Moshiach (Messiah). These people in this world are so horrible, they are so shallow and so low. They are quick to judge one another, they do not consider each other’s feelings. They have a thought, they feel like they need to spit it out. They don’t take a moment and try to imagine the other person’s situation and they might be going through.

These same sicko people, who are called and make up “the world” learn your Torah, but then act 100% against it a slight moment later. A small example is when a major rabbi which you gifted to us once said “the traits you see in another, are traced evidence of traits that are to be found in you” – some of this “world” have issues with the Rabbis – so you God had a awesome resolution to that too – you gifted the world with wise “worldly” people – such as gifted scientists and philosophers – which they built an expression that goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover“. The world had an issue with these people as well!

God acted further with his great mercy and abundance of love whereby gifting the world with Talented People, such as artists, musicians, comedians etc. – some of these artists painted portraits of God’s beautiful world, capturing the beauty of people and the world as it is = the world responded with “pictures are fantasies” type of remarks. Musicians of all sorts, tried singing passages of Torah, that didn’t work, they tried singing about love and acceptance. Nope. In fact they accused the king of pop of being a child molester. The man couldn’t handle it and ordered his doctor to kill him. Further more the world kept digging its own pit to get deeper and deeper into a dark endless place – where hip-hop and rap was born. One of these so called artists came up with a lyric saying “…You’d have to walk a thousand miles in my shoes just to see, what it’s like to be me, I’ll be you, let’s trade shoes just to see what it be like to feel your pain, you feel mine, go in side each others’ minds just to see what we’d find look at things through each others eyes”

– that is when these great Chachamim (Scholars), told us that it’s not Chassidishe (Hassidic attitude) and that we need to not go to low levels and that it’s not kosher. We need to sit and learn Torah.

Well here’s what I say.

I agree. Initially we should all learn and practice Torah. But then if that doesn’t work. Nature is that we search for other outlets. Until some people realize that this world is full of garbage and people are just too confused for whatever reason it may be. That is when the true Emes (True) people go back to the beginning and start over. Not getting Nispael (Intimidated) from what people have to say – despite if 99% of the world talks negative toward you – fact is that only 1% of the world’s population own 99% of the worlds wealth. Another expression that is out there goes “it’s lonely to be on the top” oh wait sorry – I forgot we need to talk about Torah. Ok – what does the Shamash (Clerk) of the Chanukah menorah do? He gets to light up the whole menorah then he is separated and put to the side. We sing to these candles saying how holy they are. Yet that one single candle is forgotten and has a Halacha that seems to allow us to use and abuse him. Shluchim (Emissary Rabbis) does this sound familiar to you? What’s your relationship with your gevirim (sponsors)?

So my question to you dear God..,

We are taught to learn and love your Torah. But then we see how even our own Rabbis and communities go against it. Then they wonder why there are so many youngsters who rebel…? Then when we come back with our findings; we get bashed… Why? Just because these Rabbis and people know how truly challenging following Torah and mivtzot is. Then when they see this young individual – who only seeks to shine some light and help – suddenly gets it and it sounds so simple. That’s when their little demons come back to this “world” and they now bashing that individual with comments similar to “big ego” or “so full of yourself” and the like.

God, can the world get anymore lower? Can you not remember history? What happened in Egypt? The Jewish Nation reached the 49th level of Tumah (Impurity)- they say that there are 50 and if the 50th is reach then there is no return from there.

God – isn’t Marshall Mathers and his associates considered the lowest of the low?

Thankfully, God, you are NOT human; therefore I think it’s time that you let history reply itself and send Mashiach to save us from all this adversity despite it looking and seeming that we are not REALLY suffering. But trust me we are!

Lets do our part to bring Mashiach despite what the world says. It’s the only thing that can save us!


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