Success Me? Or Success YouMe?

I grew up knowing I had to be a success for others. –Sandy Warman

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

The pressure of performance is daunting and extremely stressful. Some, like Sandy, were controlled by it their whole lives. Perhaps that was your experience, too. Are you free of it now?

The desire to be successful never was a bad thing in and of itself. Teachers encouraged it right along with our parents. Employers reinforced the importance of being successful. But there is and always was a difference between enjoying a job done right and driving ourselves ragged to impress others. Sandy’s experience reflects the latter.

Whatever reason we used for seeking success isn’t all bad though. If it motivated us to stretch ourselves, it meant we discovered abilities we might not have known we were capable of. The contribution we made to the world around us was affected accordingly and that changed our lives forever. We can come to believe that however we lived our lives was simply as good as we were capable of. No matter what motivated us in the past, we can take charge of what motivates us now. Finally, that’s all that really counts today.

Today I’ll be aware of the motives behind my efforts. I don’t have to impress anyone.


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