Love and Become Lovable With Love

If you would be loved, love and be lovable. —Benjamin Franklin

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

We all desire to be loved. Our common human characteristic is our need to count in someone else’s life. At least one other person needs us, we tell ourselves, when we feel least able to accept life’s demands. How alike we all are. The paradox is that our own need for love is lessened when we bestow it on others. Give it away and it returns. A promise, one we can trust.

The reality about love and its path from sender to receiver and back again is often distant from our minds. More often we stew and become obsessed with the lack of love’s evidence in our lives. Why isn’t he smiling? Why didn’t she care? Has someone more interesting taken our place? Choosing to offer love, rather than to look for it, will influence every experience we have. Life will feel gentler, and the rewards will be many and far reaching.

Loving others promises me the love I desire. But I can’t expect it if I don’t give it first.


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