We All Work Together To Make It Work

The Belly and the Members

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

One day it occurred to many members of the body that they were doing all the work and the belly was having all the food. So the members decided to go on strike until the belly agreed to share in the work.

But after a week had passed, the other members began to feel strange. They discovered they could not perform any of the work they had previously done. The hands could hardly move. The mouth was parched and dry. The eyelids began to droop. The mind felt jumbled. And the legs found themselves unable to support the rest of the members.

What they discovered is that the belly had been working all along. Even though its work was done quietly, what it accomplished was of benefit to all of the body’s members. Without it, none would be able to function.

The moral of the story: All must work together.

If each member in recovery decided to focus solely on individual needs and desires, there would be no unity, no support, and no outreach. The fellowship is one based on unity, made whole by its many members.

I honor and support the work of others, as they honor and support the work that I do.


3 thoughts on “We All Work Together To Make It Work

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