Honesty is the Best Currency

Mercury and the Woodsman

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

A woodsman was chopping trees for firewood, but lost his grip and watched the axe sail into a nearby river. He began to weep, for without his axe he could not keep his house warm or cook food.

Mercury decided to help and dove into the river. He brought up a golden axe. “Is this your axe?” Mercury asked, but the woodsman shook his head. Mercury dove again and brought up a silver axe. “Is this your axe?” he asked, but the woodsman again shook his head. Then Mercury brought up a weather-beaten wooden axe. The woodsman told him, “That is my axe.” Mercury rewarded the woodsman’s honesty by giving him two more axes.

The next day, the woodsman told his story to a friend. The friend went to the river, tossed in his axe, and began to weep. Mercury dove into the river and brought up a golden axe. The man eagerly held out his hand for the axe. But Mercury knew the man was lying and returned the golden axe to the water, leaving the man with none.

The moral of the story: Honesty is the best policy.

When you embellish the truth or make up stories, the less trust others will have in you.

I will be truthful in my words and action at all times.


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