Friends – Big and Small

The Lion and the Mouse

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

A lion was taking a nap in the forest when a mouse began to run up and down the lion’s body. This awakened the lion, which caught the mouse and was going to eat it. But the little creature spoke. “I beg your pardon, great king of the forest,” it squeaked. “Please forgive me for waking you. If you would spare my life I promise to return the favor one day.”

The lion let out a snicker. “How could you possibly save a creature as powerful as I? I find that hard to believe, but I am feeling gracious today.” So the lion freed the mouse.

Sometime later the lion was caught in a trap. The hunters wanted to impress the king with a live lion, so they tied the lion to a tree and set off to obtain a wagon. After the hunters had left, the mouse came upon the lion. It began to gnaw at the rope. When the lion was freed the mouse asked, “Did I not live up to my promise?”

The moral of the story: Little friends may prove to be great friends.

Appreciate your friends – big or small – you never know how they can help you one day!

I will appreciate the friends I make in my life.


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