Ready for Positive Change

Readiness is a precondition for change.

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

If we earnestly and conscientiously apply some tools of our recovery, we are certain to experience positive change. We are promised new freedom and happiness and assured that a Higher Power can and will remove our negative characteristics.

The question is, are we ready to change? If we hang on tightly to self-will, resentments, fear, mistrust, and all the other weaknesses that get in our way, our Higher Power has a tough time prying us loose. We must be prepared to let go and open ourselves to new possibilities if the change we seek is to occur.

Along with taking a daily inventory, we can cultivate the readiness to abandon our counterproductive tendencies and try something new. In this way, we cooperate with the force for positive growth that lies within each of us. We cannot command or control this force, but we can learn to be responsive to it.

Today, I am ready for positive change. I will be responsive to inner nudges that move me in that direction.


6 thoughts on “Ready for Positive Change

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