The Milkmaid and Her Pail

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

A milkmaid walked to the village with a pail of milk balanced on her head. She began to think about what she would do with the money she would make when the milk was sold, and decided she would buy some chickens. “They would lay eggs, which would bring in a good price at the market. Then I will use the money I earn to buy a new dress and hat,” she said. “I will go to the market dressed so nicely, and all the young men will notice me. All the women will be jealous of me.”

Eager to get on with her plans, she began to walk a little faster. “I will just look at those women, smile, and toss my head in the air.”  With that, she actually tossed her head. The pail fell to the ground and all of the milk spilled out.

The Moral of the Story: Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.

While it may be tempting to think about what life will be like when you have moved on or recovered it will mean that you can show others they were wrong about you, this is not the purpose of recovery. Recovery is a about helping yourself  to stay sane and truly happy. Your work in recovery is something you do for yourself.

I will not use my recovery as a means of retaliation or personal gain.


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