I Am Free To Do As I Please – How Will That Benefit Someone Else?

Because I have been athirst I will dig a well that others may drink. –Arabian proverb

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

Most of us do as we please. When we want to go we go; when we want to stay, we stay. We’re accustomed to moving around freely and never even think about it. We trust that a door will open if we turn the knob and push. Unfortunately, we never appreciate what we take for granted, and we are less for that.

A young man shared that he had just been released from prison. Upon release, the first thing he had done, he said, was to walk back and forth across the pressure plate of the bus station door. He wanted to be the one to make a door open and close. Onlookers had laughed at him, he said, but he didn’t care. He appreciated the chance to move, to go where he wanted. Having known the hell of doors that won’t open, he had an awareness that the rest of us didn’t have. As his recovery continues, he will have much to share with people who’ve been trapped in prisons of their own.

May I have the insight to recognize my own special qualifications, and the willingness to share them with others.


4 thoughts on “I Am Free To Do As I Please – How Will That Benefit Someone Else?

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