Life, Camera aaaand Action – Who is Really Directing My Life?

Human Conduct is ever unreliable until it is anchored in the Divine. —Sri Yukteswar

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

Who is directing this movie?

Most of us would like to believe that we are the person best qualified to direct our life’s movie. But when we attempt to run things solely from the perspective of the ego, we soon discover the limits of its power. Despite our best intentions, chaos and confusion abound on the set. Life lacks a quality of flow, joy, and peace.

“How can this be?” you may ask. “In order to run my life, I must be in charge. I must be in control. What other way is there?”

There is an alternative. Let the real director run the show. From now on, take your cues from that universal Intelligence which dwells within you. If you are told to appear in a scene where you don’t think you belong, have faith. Watch as people and resources appear at the right time and place, and all unfolds in Divine order.

Make the choice to turn your life over to your higher director. Instead of trying to control everything, trust that the Universe will handle the details. Letting go may be scary at first. But if you follow this path, your life will work out more beautifully than you ever could have imagined.

One thought on “Life, Camera aaaand Action – Who is Really Directing My Life?

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