Patience is a virtue – and I want it now…

One step at a time may seem too slow some days. –Kay Marie Porterfield

By: Hazelden Meditation Series

Impatience is certainly not a virtue. However, we frequently display it as though it were; if we don’t get some task done right now, we will have failed for all time. How many backfired circumstances must we have before we get the message?

When we came to this realization, we may have heard that there would always be enough time to accomplish what God intends us to do. Those of us who looked back at failed attempts doubted the truth of this wisdom. But we are coming to believe it now. In time, all the simple messages seem to come true.

The slogans are excellent examples of this. “One day at a time, one step at a time.” Will never fail us. We will handle whatever comes to us if we follow that advice.

I will accomplish what I need to today, on time, if I let my Higher Power be in charge.


5 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue – and I want it now…

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