Love, Care, Compassion – The True Beauty in Life.

Caring in the Home2

Caring in the Home2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The process rather than the product is primary in caring, for it is only in the present that I can attend to the other. –Milton Mayeroff

The moment that captures us now is all we have for certain. We can dream endlessly about next week and next year but there are no guarantees. Thus, it is important to care for ourselves and others in this moment. Have we expressed our love to any one of the many special people in our lives today? The effort is small and yet paramount in its impact on how the day unfolds for the givers and the receivers of caring words that inspire – words that speak of love.

Someone close, needs our attention today – our encouragement, our inspiration, our recognition. And we need the commitment to focus outside ourselves if we are to discover the gifts promised us in each 24-hour segment of life. It is no coincidence that we feel pulled toward particular people – that we select certain groups to identify with.

What actions of love did you take today?

Contemplative thoughtfulness about our presence in this time and place will assure us we are needed for the loving growth of many. The mystery unfolds by design.


6 thoughts on “Love, Care, Compassion – The True Beauty in Life.

  1. It can be challenging to keep these ideas alive and active in a world that is often plagued by uncertainty and cynicism, but as someone who feels strongly that we should try in spite of doubt, I commend your encouragement to your readers. I am pleased to be included as a link on this page.

    Kindest regards…..John H.

    • Hi thanks for commenting.
      I personally don’t find the world that plagued. I think it is only a handful of misguided and misinformed individuals that are corrupt. I believe that I can be the change I want to see in the world and I choose how I look at this world. If I look at it in a negative way – I am the problem. If I look at it in an optimistic and kind way – I am the winner.

      I have the choice to choose today – which one will I pick?

      • To an extent, it is true that we see what we look for in the world. I do not look for uncertainty or cynicism, and agree that it is not present everywhere or at all times. My comment was meant to indicate that we do find these aspects prevalent at times, and if we live in the world with our eyes open, we do see it.

        In the Talmud, there is a saying:

        “We do not see the world as it is….we see it as WE are.

        We cannot simply wish away the unpleasantness we encounter in life, but we can CHOOSE to emphasize optimism in spite of it. That is my choice today.

        That is the inspiration I find here….Warm regards…..John H.

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