Listen, Hear, What? The Art of Communication

How frustrating is it when you are trying to talk to someone and all that person can do is “give you advice” “tell you what to do” or cut you off in mid sentence?

I find it so rude.

Today I was trying to talk to a credit agency in order to settle a payment and discuss with them a little concern I had. To begin with, this whole episode was uncalled for and I was messed over by another person. (More points for my trust issue. It is one of my biggest character defects that I have – is not trusting people). Long story short, I couldn’t pay off a debt because I didn’t have the money and also because to be honest I wasn’t really responsible for the debt; however since it was on my name; yay for me… I get a letter from this agency that I must pay up the loan plus interest. I called the number that was on the letter, I dial the extension and I get a message telling me that the extension doesn’t exist. Ok, I then dial the first four letters of the person’s name in the company’s phone directory. “Sorry that name doesn’t exist” – At this point my heart is jumping. I call the operator and I am transferred to another agent, who only slams the phone on me, when I attempted to express my concern over my experience so far. I called back and this time asked for a manager; I expressed to her the same disappointment, I assured her that I was not looking to fight, and that I was willing to take responsibility over the loan; however, what am I supposed to do, when in this day in age, there are some fake companies that just steal money etc. Anyways, I had a real hard time with her, she refused to let me speak or finish any sentence, in the end we managed to settle and agreed to pay a lower amount just in order to end this whole story.

From this lesson I learned the importance of communication. It’s an art, and it’s one to master. For in the end, when communication is successful and done right, good results come out and everyone seems to be happy. The question is – How is it done?

“Hear oh Israel, God is our Lord, God is one” (Deuteronomy 6:4)

The word “Hear” in Hebrew is “Shema” – this prayer is known as the Shema, it is one of the most profound and most important prayers in the Jewish religion. We are trying to communicate our connection and our unification with God our Higher Power. We use a unique word called Shema and we even name this prayer the Shema. The point I am trying to get at is; Shema is made up of two syllables Sh-Ma, Ma in Hebrew means ‘What’ – First I must “Shh” (i.e. Keep quiet) listen, then I must ask “what” or rather confirm what if what I heard and understood was correct or what the person meant. This is the power of communication. I must fully express myself and hope that the other listens actively and tentatively, if s/he doesn’t, I am allowed to express my disapproval and demand to be heard. If that doesn’t work, then I know that there is no communication and I must find an alternative way to communicate and pray to my Higher Power that it will work.

How does communication work for you? I would love to hear what you have to say about this topic. Please feel free to comment below.


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