A Thought of the day

While observing myself in the mirror today and thinking to myself – “How am I different than yesterday? What defect of character should I work on today? and which good character should I work on progressing in?”

It then occurred to me that the first thing I noticed in the mirror was my head. In my head are embedded two deep brown eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears and some very interesting features if only I were to look more closely.

The Eyes: They are the pearls and gems that are windows to a person’s soul. They don’t lie, they cannot lie. If a person is stressed you can see right away how his eyes are stretched. If a person is tiered – he has bags under the eyes. If a person is compassionate – once again those expressions are there.

The Mouth: Is the communication portal of the soul – if a person is full of resentment – only negative statements will come out, if he is full of love – warm soothing words are heard. Together with the mouth is the Lips – they too have loads of expressions and messages from the soul; A smile can be faked – but once one gets used to it and really means it – it becomes real.

Trying not to bore you with my whole 30-40 minutes of observing myself and rebuilding my personal self esteem – I will cut straight to the chase.

The face is the mirror to ones soul, it portrays the internal towards the external. One can fake with his actions and his emotions that he wants others to see – but the face will give him away in an instant; one cannot hide his true emotions – they will come out with out him even trying.

Take Away:

No one likes the grump, they all have their own problems; However when someone is all optimistic, happy, kind-hearted etc. Now that is a person people automatically love. Therefore, a person doesn’t have to fake or try to “buy” other’s approval. All they simply have to do is really mean what they say, forgive and forget, move on, really feel full in ones soul – people will attach like magnates. (and those who don’t get attached – one should be happy – those are those grumps that you don’t need in your life!)


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