Lessons learned from some very successful “Role-Models”

Logging on to my Facebook account this morning, I came across a link posted by a friend. It was his comment on an article posted by TechCrunch talking about how Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook.com) isn’t a role model; rather Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn.com) is.  Reid started his company, LinkedIn, in 2003; however it took him a while to pick it up to be where it is today. Unlike Mark, who pretty much took the market with frenzy in his early 20s. In order to understand more of the point TechCrunch is trying to make, I suggest reading the article here.

After reading the article and then reading the comments left below, I was somewhat intrigued to find that many people were missing a very important point. How can you compare these two Social Networks? And what makes one or the other a better “role model”? They are both very different in every way possible. – I simply didn’t get it…

The main reason for their differences is the fact that they target different crowds. Facebook targets the younger population, whom want to know everything about everyone. Whereas; LinkedIn targets the business or professional that is trying to make some kind of connection or impression on others.

This brings me to the point of my article, and a great lesson in life!

We chose our role models based on our interests, beliefs and morals. We get attracted to, and we attract those that are somewhat similar to us in social status, way of thinking, way of speech and way of conduct. As the expression goes, “Birds of similar feather flock together”.  With that being said, we pick our leaders that most inspire us.

The same way we chose our role models and leaders; is also the same way we attract the kind of negativity in our lives. If we come across someone that annoys us, bothers us; or we simply dislike him or her for whatever reason. One must ask, what character trait in me attracted this person? What did I do, that got me in this mess in the first place?

This is when we need to look through our character defects, admit to them, and start working on them. This way we can work on attracting only positivity to our energy that surrounds us. With our deflation of our ego, we may achieve heights that we have never imagined of. This may take time, but who’s in a rush? Remember to take care of yourself and let the wonders of life play their designated roles!

Who are your role models? What is so special in them, that attracts you to them? I would love to hear what you have so say.


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