8 Steps You Have Probably Never Heard on Stress Management

You have probably read hundreds of articles, (if not more), talking about stress management.  However, let me assure you, this might be the most unique or different one you have ever read.

From personal observation; I have come to realize, that many of these articles try to give you different advice, on how to sort of “run away” from the issue at hand. Some very common tips are; exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, “going to a happy place” etc.

Let’s be honest, do these tips really, in fact, help? How do they work for you? Are you doing them “right”?

Personally, I have no clue…

Here’s what was helping me lately. In addition to all these nice tips, including some of my personal research online and various other publications. I have found one common ground; “What is the core of the problem/stress?”

When one takes a few moments to contemplate their issue, (why are they stressed? What is causing this stress? And what stress can do to a person?) s/he is starting to act like their own personal therapist.

With that being said, let me give you a few steps that might help you process your stress, and try to relieve it as much as possible.

(It is important to note; that this does not mean that the above tips are not useful; I personally think this exercise should be included in your daily routine of stress management.)

Scenario: Stress comes up, or it is now your designated time, that you have set aside to manage your stress.

  1. Take a drink of water.
  2. Go out for a short brisk walk / jog – remember breathing techniques.
  3. Upon completion – Drink another glass of water or fresh juice, whilst sitting in a comfortable armchair or seat.
  4. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing – try picturing your lungs expanding with fresh clear air, and retracting – pushing out all the unclean air – picture that the air that is being exhaled, is carrying away anything negative in you.
  5. Now here is the best part… Picture a nice place in your mind; imagine taking a nice walk in this beautiful garden, look at all the beautiful flowers and greenery that is in your mind. Remember that you are taking a walk in your brain.
  6. Here you will look for this small black dot, or the actual stress, (better to picture the stress itself – for example if it was a client – picture that client himself). You will tell yourself that this stress doesn’t match this scenery, and it needs to be removed. You will then walk over to the ‘stressor’ and start breaking it down – like enzymes and white blood cells taking away negative unwanted cells in your body. You will tell this stress that your brain is only a place for beautiful things. It is true that you will need to take care of the stress, however this is not the place or time.
  7. You will send all the pieces of the ‘stressor’ into the blood stream, down to the lungs where you will kick them out with your exhaling.
  8. Make a one-time decision, that stress is not good, but it’s part of life. You are not running away from reality – this situation has to be taken care of, however you don’t consider it to being a stress – rather only an issue that needs your attention when it’s time to take care of it. If you come to realize, that you have no control over the situation, you will simply give it up. This is when your prayer to your higher power will come in.

You will see from these 8 steps that you are still doing what most of these tips have advised you; however, you are going one step further and deeper – you are going to the source of the stress and breaking it apart, yet you are still in touch with reality. You acknowledge the stress and you realize, that it needs to be taken care of. You are simply making better “connections” in your brain, by filing the stress under a category, which will not affect you emotionally, physically or psychologically.

This exercise has done me wonders and really doesn’t take me long to go through. I would love to hear your input on what you think and what seems to work for you.


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