Converting the evil inclination into good

Dear G-d,

You have created me with a very strong and unique evil inclination. This evil inclination causes me to have many character defects and negative behavioral traits. It wants me to lie, deny, cheat and be arrogant. It wants me to forget about you and to not trust in you. To see only bad, to bring me to despair and that depression will bring me to sin.

But dear G-d, I know deep down that everything you have created is for the good, and you are ultimately good, you are merciful, and every single stumble block that is put in our way, is only a chance and opportunity for growth. Therefore in conclusion, it sums up that the evil inclination is simply only doing your will. The evil inclination is truly good and has good intentions. Since you have created only good in the world. I must thank and appreciate the “evil” inclination for giving me the chance to not listen to him, and to remember your will and to have the opportunity to get closer and more connected to you. This new approach makes life look so much better, because we should appreciate everyone and everything that does anything good for us. Therefore thank you dear kind and good inclination of another nature, for giving me a chance to get closer to the most wonderful Higher Power of the universe, and thank you dear G-d for creating two perfect and good inclinations in my heart, one to give me an opportunity to get closer and the second to give me the knowledge of how I can get closer.

Thank you G-d for creating such a beautiful and perfect world. I love you with all my heart and with all my soul and with both of my inclinations.


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