‘GLAM’ in Glamour – what is it?

Here is the post you’ve all been waiting for. The most common question everyone is asking – what is this ‘GLAM’ in Glamour? and why do you spell Glamour – “Glamor” as the blog’s name?

From my research I have found that the word ‘Glamour’ is a widely mis-represented term, yet everyone somehow, tries to acquire it in some way, shape or form, even though they may not admit it.

here is a quote from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary ;

glam·our noun \ˈgla-mər\

Definition of GLAMOUR

1: a magic spell <the girls appeared to be under a glamour — Llewelyn Powys>

2: an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness <the glamour of Hollywood>; especially : alluring or fascinating attraction —often used attributively <glamour stock> <glamour girls> <whooping cranes and … other glamour birds — R. T. Peterson>

If we go with Webster’s definition, we may come to a conclusion that glamour is an illusion and unrealistic. However some people really do live in what is supposed to seem as glamour. For example many of the Hollywood starts in their Beverly Hills multi-million dollar homes and expensive luxury vehicles etc. In every event these people seem so glamourous in their shining jewelry and custom tailored suits. Something many aspire to reach, many people consider that successful, powerful or what ever term you would like to give it.

Question really is – what defines glamour in your perspective? is it in fact an illusion?

or rather take a moment and try to rephrase:

What is success?

What is considered a meaningful life?

<<Moment of thought…>>

I can almost bet that all your answers will be different. In fact – please use the comments section below to post what you answered to these questions – this way we can prove the theory.

Now the true and ultimate question is how to we attain success? and do we live a meaningful life?

This can be done by “disecting” the word glamour.

G. L. A. M. are the first four letters in the word.

G – Greatness:
When one realizes and recognizes that there is a supernatural Higher Power than one self. The individual will humble himself and realize that everything is part of a much greater than nature source. Nothing can be attained without His Almighty will. Higher Power is all up to your personal interpretation. You can believe in G-d, Hashem, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, or mighty spirit – whatever and however you understand this Higher Power doesn’t make a difference, as long as it matches your faith and has a substantial meaning to you. “G” can also be for G-dliness (just a nice tool to help remember).

L – Loving-Kindness:
Loving-Kindness is referred by Kabballah as one of the pillars that is holding up the world. Without loving-kindness the world cannot sustain it self. If we are too selfish and care only for ourselves, we will forget to care for others who may depend on us. G-d created the world in such a way that everyone helps everyone else. This makes the world a beautiful place to live in. It also gives us a unique pleasure to know that we can provide for someone and feel important or needed in the other’s life.

A = Appreciation:
No one likes an ingrid. But everyone loves an appreciative person. It is literally a pleasure to keep on helping out and being around someone who shows much appreciation. Appreciation shows decency, compassion, and an understanding of what effort was put in by another. This is a character trait that is unique and is very well looked upon.

M = Meditation/Motivation:
Through meditation one can reach all the acquired levels of the above mentioned character traits. One needs to meditate on the greatness of G-d or Higher Power. One must pray to this higher power that he will achieve a better understanding and a closeness to G-d, that loving-kindness be instilled in his heart and that he will always appreciate everything anyone does for him. Through meditation one comes to realize how no one owes him anything, yet when someone does do anything for him – that is an act of loving-kindness on their part and he should repay them with appreciation. After on has meditated on these subjects he will see how G-d has been so kind to him and this will give him more motivation to carry on.

The book that is being planned will have several chapters dedicated to each of these traits – which will explain them in greater detail. feel free to comment below or discuss on your feelings about these traits.

The second part of glamour is ‘our’ which shows that this world is ‘our’ world – and one must live in it in order to make it comfortable for everyone – in order to make it ‘our’ all of us included.

But then lets go deeper…

In english we call the ending of a nice story ‘happy ending’ – however in Hebrew there is no such term. In Kabbalah it is believed that nothing ends – an ending is only a begining to another chapter or another scene. In fact life is considered infine. G-dliness is an infinite light, beyond anything of our comprehension. This is known as “Ohr Ein Sof” (lit. infinite light). G-d had a desire to bring His infinite light into a finite and constricted world – where we are limited by times and boundaries. This is a fundamental phenomenon – how can you possibly fit an infinite light in a finite world? that is impossible…

Well that is the beauty of and substantial power of G-dliness – where He says – it is possible! G-d has created us with a innate subconscious desire and hunger for this Ohr (- light) we desire to bring this light down to earth – we just all have a unique journey of how we can achieve that. (refer to the book for more information and details).

Now you understand the concept behind “The ‘GLAM’ in Glamor” through GLAM – you can bring down this Or/Ohr and make this world ‘our’ world where it will include everyone even G-d himself.

May G-d bless you all with much success and blessings for all your hearts desires for the good – AMEN!


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