Inspirational Music #1 – R. Kelly – U Saved Me


Here is a little meditation on this very powerful and inspirational song…

Verse 1: Second Chance

Speaks of an alcoholic driving under influence (DUI), when his mobile phone rings and the driver starts looking for the phone, drops it, the phone falls behind his seat. The driver reaches back to get – when suddenly he looks up and realizes that he has gone over to the other side of the highway and is heading straight for a truck on a head on collision.

Doctors and family have given up hope of ever seeing the person alive – However G-d granted him a second chance and he recovered and corrected his ways to control his drinking and reckless behaviour.


Sometimes in life, we require a strong wake up call  to realize where our life is leading to. Kabbala teaches us, that G-d tries to send us many signs as warning before we find ourself in a crisis. Unfortunately, some people don’t adhere to those warnings – and then poof – it happens… they all of a sudden see that big huge semi-trailer hit them head on! All of a sudden – they find themselves even more hopeless than before – yet this time, their life is being held on by a thread.

That is when the person may wake up and say , “Oh-oh – there is a problem here, these consequences are due to my lack of responsibilities – I better change my ways, or I am totally lost” It may seem that everyone has given up – but it is really all up to the addict to change his behaviour. He should remember that there is always a second chance and no room for despair.

Verse 2: Anger and despair

Here is a story of the person that has no luck finding a job, he finds himself stranded for money, rent is over due, credit scores all time low. Financially the man is totally lost, and anger starts creeping up his spine. Every time he hears G-ds name or hears someone gratifying the L-rds name, this individuals’ blood boils over.

Just when this person thought that it’s all over – that is when he suddenly got a call from a potential employer saying they wanted to meet him for an interview.


Denial is the root cause of anger – once we start losing hope, we start falling in to the traps of denial, which then sparks anger, which in turn leads us down the never ending downward spiral to purgatory.

One must remeber and must work on not to procrastinate, work slow, have patience and most important of all pray and trust the higher power.

G-d makes sure that all of His creatures have their livelihood, G-d summons to every living creature their substance. All we have to do is ask and believe in Him. Trust G-d to do His job and you will be surprised how things will turn out! (I know – easier said than done…)

Verse 3: Final moments – never too late

Story of a young drug dealer that has been in the streets since he was a kid, in this dangerous business he had no one to trust or care for. Carrying a gun on his waist was his only comfort. Unfortunately, when a deal went bad, the comfort all too quickly became the tool to end his life. Now falling to the ground from the impact of his wounds and as he is falling to his death, the young man sees his whole past flash right before his eyes. He realizes what has just happened and where he is headed to. He right away accepts and embraces his higher power and starts praying and atoning for all the sins he has committed in his past – with that the young man closed his eyes for the final time and flew up to meet his creator.


When a person lives all the years of his life, that has been predestined to him by G-d. Yet, he has never come to realize his wrong doings or wrong path. He should know, that even the inevitable cannot stop him from returning and atoning all of his sins before G-d. G-d waits on his subordinates even to the last moment, to see whether or not they will repent. If they do, G-d accepts them with open arms and compassion. It is taught in Kabbalah that if the individual repents with wholehearted passion, all of his sins are then subsequently transformed and rendered as good deeds. So great is G-d’s loving kindness! This should teach us a lesson, that any person that has done any wrong doing to us, we should accept their apologies right away. Even if the person has not apologized, we must forgive them in our hearts wholeheartedly. Because in the end of the day G-d will forgive them too! It is therefore recommended to forgive him from now, since what would it make a difference if ultimately the individual will be forgiven by the highest power of all?

Verse 4: G-d decides!

The story of a middle aged man, walking down the aisle of a grocery store, when he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his chest. After multiple tests in the hospital and from referrals of his doctor, the man learns of his cancerous condition and told that he doesn’t have much time left to live.

The man goes home some what confused, not knowing how to accept the news, he then decides to call his mother and tell her.

The mother then started praying, and encouraged her son to do the same. “Thank G-d for what you have and accept that everything He does is for the best. However you should know, that you can change your lot with your prayers.”

Five years has already passed since that episode, there is no more pain, he no longer visits the doctor for his condition – it has totally gone away!


Sometimes it seems that the inevitable is coming and we are about to face our end. The doctors may confirm it and the scans may show clear signs of the final end. However we must remeber that there is one and only one conductor and master planner to this minute and non-relevant world. For G-d we are all but pawns in His master game plan, He will decide when the end comes and where our life route will lead us. We in our very limited and minute minds cannot understand His greatness.

Therefore even if the professionals all say there is no chance, and if it is very obvious and clear. One must always keep in mind, that they nor we have any control over the energy of life.

If one is faced with such a situation, he must prepare himself in a two-fold manner.

  1. Accept his lot with happiness, for only good will come out of it.
  2. Remember that prayer can change all! Our mouths have a very strong and super-natural energy that can in fact change G-d’s ultimate plan.

Final Words:

No matter what happens in your life, no matter what it looks like, always remember that there is a master plan and it is the Master who is in full control. Don’t let anyone tell you or convince you otherwise. When it seems that all hope is lost, even when there is no turning back – G-d is always there for you and loves you with no conditions. G-d is waiting for you to proclaim His name and to embrace his grace. This will ignite some humility in your life, and through humility one can fully accept G-ds loving compassion and start seeing everything in a positive light.

May it be G-ds will that He instil in us the great merit of humility, teach us to be forgiving, teach us to be patient and let us see everything that we encounter in a positive and uplifting manner. Amen.


One thought on “Inspirational Music #1 – R. Kelly – U Saved Me

  1. Finally looked at this song on YouTube.

    What an inspiring message for anyone who thinks that there is nothing out there for them; that they don’t deserve a second chance; that a creator doesn’t exist! WOW!

    thanks for sharing it on your blog.

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